• Magdalena Dembińska

What do Polish people eat for comfort food?

ABOUT! Yes! I'm sure you know many childhood memories of eating. I live in Poland. In this country you can find a lot of tasty dishes, that is, a lot of dumplings and noodles. When I was an younger girl my mum used to cook homemade chocolate. I relly love it. If I have a bad mood I will cook it. This is a very simple recipe. You need cocoa, butter, milk powder and sugar. That's hugely good. Go ahead! You can put a lot of snacks which you like, for example: raisins, almonds or nuts etc. Next my favorite dishes are dumplings! Holy Moly! I like eating it. My boyfriend is from Africa. He was fasciniated this food. I always make a lot of dumplings like with cheese, meats or mushrooms. Another my favorite food is dumplings! Holy Moly! I like to eat it. My boyfriend comes from Africa. He was fascinated by this food. I always make a lot of dumplings like cheese, meat and mushrooms. I will give you my recipe. These are dishes that will appeal to everyone. Have you ever eaten dumplings? If you were born in Poland or live here, you do it, right? I have a question for you.

Could you tell me what is your comfort food, please?

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