• Magdalena Dembińska

One day in paradise..

I love living among nature. Having a beautiful house on Mausury is my big dream. Of course, our happiness depends on many things, but where to live is also very important. I like many countries, but my heart is in Masuria. I love it! The virus have changed people, but most of them have begun to travel. You can pick mushrooms or fishing there ... is that nice? I recommend you Ełk and the whole area. I always use the booking and book accommodation there. I usually choose a cozy guesthouse with a garden and a lake. I want to feel very comfortable and have a fantastic mood. This place is amazing for drinking wine and reading books. An ideal place for a trip for a single and a couple. I prefer fall to summer there. In summer you can swim and sunbathe, but in fall the atmosphere is fantastic. It will help you find an amazing way to relax. When going on a trip, it is worth taking clothes and shoes that will work best in the rain. I love the "Hunter" boots. I love it! I know that they are too much expensive but their quality is incredible! They look very cool and have a good design. Maybe my next post should be about my rules for going to the countryside. Hm... it sounds good. Should I do it?

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