• Magdalena Dembińska

Netflix on fleek!

Oh ... I love Netflix weekend, so today I want to share with you my favorite series on Netflix. What kind of show do you like? In my opinion, I watched all the movies on Netflix during quarantine. It was crazy. I like to watch clasicc series like Vikings, Mad Men, Money Heist, The affair… what else? Belong you can find a lot of position which are the best on cozy eving during our nice the fall.

1. Gran Hotel

It is story about two people who love each other but unfortunately they can't be together. This love between worker and owner of this hotel. Oh! Amazing costumes and spanish culture. You can listen spanish langue and also learning it. Besides love you can find a lot of crime situations which are in the hotel. Gran Hotel on fleek!

2. Friends

Do I need to explain my choice? Incredible dialogues and stories! Definitely they will want to pull your legs!

3. Vikings

One of the best series on Netflix. Movie about vikings during their trip and life. Beautiful actors and amazing views. If you like scandinavian nature you should check it.

4. Gossip Girl

I love it! Young people, crazy love, parties and non realistic dramas. The movie for every person. Of course, I love Chuck Boss!

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