• Magdalena Dembińska

My autumn in Poland


I don't have time for a walk or picnic outdoors. It's a mistake. We have our cozy autumn in Poland! Colorfull leaves and hot coffee in the park. It's amazing, isn't it? During this time, I love reading books, watching crazy movies, eg about space or UFOs. I don't know why, but movies like this make me happy and relaxed. What do you like to do in the fall? Of course, a bad mood or bad thoughts are very important. If you feel that fall does not blend in well with your personality, you will find many amazing ways to spend your time comfortably. You can paint or draw. Maybe should you create your own blog? Just do what you really like. Trust me this session is beautiful but you have to want to see it. Let's go! Could you please try to cook pumpkin soup?

I love these dishes! Basically, I love almost all pumpkin dishes! I like a cozy walk to the park or the forest. I can discover my dreams and visualize. Have you ever read The Secret Book? Perhaps this book is a good opportunity for you to learn about our destiny.

These photos are from my local park. This place is amazingly fantastic! Right now, like now, I prefer wearing galoshes (like #hunterboots #hunter) to sneakers . I can feel more cosy and safe due to rain.

Cold you tell me where you live? I want to get to know you. Have you ever been to Poland in the fall? How is autumn in your country?

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