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How can I love art?

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I like art. During the virus, I visited many virtual museums around the world. This is an amazing option! Remember that art is not boring when you look at beautiful photos! You should find your favorite painter who will show you the amazing world of art. For me it's Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Picasso or Salvador Dali. When I interpret their art, I enter their thoughts. Have you ever been in art's museum with pictures? If you have, tell me where? I wanna show you a lot of simple ways to love an art.

Salvador Dali, Ship with Butterfly Sails, 1937.

  1. Find your favorite painters. Remember! You must like their work! You should look for pictures in your favorite colors or places.

  2. Have your favorite museum for a virtual walk. This is extremely important because you will be able to get a taste of art while looking for a place that is real.

  3. Watch movies about your favorite painters. You will find out about their lives. Just get to know their biography.

  4. Join a group like Facebook where you can find lots of people who also love art. You will be able to talk with them.

  5. Don't read or check works that you don't feel. Sometimes we think we have to look up to at Leonardo da Vinci because everyone does it! That's not true. Find an artist who will be just like you.

  6. Find person in your life who like an art as well.

  7. Take part in exhibitions in nearby cities. I am convinced that it will be possible. It may not be a painting museum, but a museum of sculpture and architecture. Everything will be fine! You have to taste an art in your legit life,

  8. Find an interesting blog on the internet. The only blog that will be cosy for you! You must really like reading this!

  9. Be brave! The art world is amazing! Believe me, people who like art connect with you.

  10. Your soul will be more magical! Yes! You will begin to understand the world in a different way.

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