• Magdalena Dembińska

Enjoy your life

Enjoy your life... this sentence is in my mind for long time. Of course each of us has a lot of problems. We have been working, learning etc. It is normal that our life is not still wonderfull but we live. It is important. Have you ever read book Secret?

There you can find a lot of information about our subconscious and visualization. It is very an amazing book. The movie is also worth watching on Netflix or Youtube. I have many friends from Lebanon, United States, Australia etc. Each of us lives in something different, but maybe not? Each of us wants to have a beautiful life. Our problems are most important to us. My advice is to live in our dreams and think in a positive way. I know it's a huge problem sometimes, but we need to start doing it. I thank you God for my life every day. I can see, listen and feel. We should think about our mind. Perhaps should you change your life? You have to be happy. It is your sole purpose.

I want to know your ideas for happiness. My blog will only be about my ideas and ways. We are here because we should share our ideas. I hope you will do this and tell me about your philosophy of your life.

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