• Magdalena Dembińska

Do you need a magic book?


Today I have a surprise for you. It's a good book. I have given you the polish book, but If I remember well I saw english version this book. Ałbena Grabowska is polish writer. She has created fresh literature for womens. Almost all of her books are about love but women always win this fight! If you read this book, you will find out a lot of interesting things about your strong which has in bottom of your soul.

The story is about a woman who lives in the mansion. It is a novel about the dangerous love between a king and his servant. Do you think the book is boring due to fabul? Belive me that nope.

I don't like reading books about crazy love and a broken heart.

The book is hugely fantastic! You have to read this.

I would rather crime books or biography.

Are you reading any books right now?

Book: Alicja w krainie czarów - Ałbena Grabowska

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