• Magdalena Dembińska

5 works of art you need to know

I hope this article helps you understand the art world. All these works can see in museums, but of course you can check it online. Almost all museums have an online walking option.

  1. Mona Lisa - Leonardo Da Vinci

Date of creation: 1503-1506

Where to see: Louvre, Paris

Technique: oil on board

2. The Scream - Edvard Munch

Date of creation: 1893

Where to see: The national gallery in Oslo

Technique: pastel

3. Wheat Field with Cypresses - Vincent van Gogh

Date of creation: 1889

Where to see: National Gallery, London

Technique: oil on board

4. Breakfast on the Grass - Edouard Manet

Date of creation: 1862-1863

Where to see: Musee d'Orsay, Paris

Technique: oil on board

5. The Happy Accidents of the Swing - Jean-Honore Fragonard

Date of creation: 1767

Where to see: Wallace Collection, London

Technique: oil on board

Let me know which picture is best for you.

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