• Magdalena Dembińska

5 steps to a cosy evening

Do you like a cozy evening? I love it not only in the fall, but always. Today I want to show you to 5 steps to the best cozy evening. Before we begin, let's think about our soul. I think the best times in our lives are when we're happy on the inside. If your soul is cool, your life will be better. You should feel good alone or in relationship. If you will not feel well like single, you will have to think why. Belive me that the best relationship s when you are happy alone. If you come across my blog and have this problem, don't worry. I'm sure you can change it and you can do it! So ... maybe you will ask yourself why am I writing about a relationship when I want to write about a cosy evening. Trust me, this is extremely important. Bro, you must be happy.

1. Your favorite socks

I always wear socks, even in summer. They will be the best in Zakopane, but just choose the one you like a lot. It is very important!Seriously! Even common socks can change your mood.

2. Your favorite movies

You know that I adore Netflix, but when I want to chill out I prefer: Friends. Should I explain my choice? just ask Joe :)

3. Your favorite snacks

As a child I would eat a homemade chocolate. If I have a lot of time I will make it. If not I Iike eating pistacias.

4. Cosy bed

You cannot forget your place. I would rather use the bed than the couch as it is more nice for my body.

5. Your favorite drinks

On my weekend off, I'd rather drink red wine than hot chocolate, but also I like drinking a tea with honey.

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